Counseling is the utilization of special skills to assist individuals, families, or groups in achieving objectives through exploration of a problem and its ramifications; examination of attitudes and feelings; consideration of alternative solutions; and decision-making. 

Criteria include selecting the counseling theory (ies) that apply; apply techniques to assist the client, group, and/or family in exploring problems and ramifications; apply techniques to assist the client, group, and/or family in examining the client's behavior, attitudes, and/or feelings if appropriate in the treatment setting; individualize counseling in accordance with cultural, gender, and lifestyle differences; interact with the client in an appropriate therapeutic manner; elicit solutions and decisions from the client; and implement the treatment plan.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    12 Core Function: #6 Counseling

    • Counseling PowerPoint

  • 2

    Counseling Section 1

    • Section1

  • 3

    Counseling Section 2

    • Section 2

  • 4

    Counseling Section 3

    • Section 3

  • 5

    Counseling Section 4

    • Section 4

  • 6

    Counseling Section 5

    • Section 5

  • 7

    Counseling Section 6

    • Section 6

  • 8

    Counseling Post Test

    • Counseling Post-Test

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