Counselors must take a variety of factors into account when deciding to admit a potential client for treatment. The screening function is the first step toward a client receiving help, so it’s crucial for counselors to use the right diagnostic criteria. They must determine whether the individual’s habits constitute abuse or recreational use.

Every counselor needs to be able to describe their criteria and display competence. They can do this by offering specific examples of the way drugs and alcohol are dysfunctional for individual clients. Their judgment is combined with the program’s modality and environment such as inpatient, residential, pharmacotherapy, outpatient, etc.

Counselors examine the nature of the substance abuse, the psychological functioning of the individual, physical condition, motivation, previous treatment, support resources, and more.

Course Curriculum

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    12 Core Function: Screening #1

    • Welcome to Screening

    • Screening Powerpoint

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    Screening - Section #1

    • Screening Section #!

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    Screening - Section #2

    • Screening #@

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    Screening - Section #3

    • Screening

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    Screening - Section #4

    • Screening - Section #4

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    Screening - Section #5

    • Screening - Section #5

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    Screening - Section #6

    • Screening - Section #6

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